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You have reached the center of the internet. The middle point. From here, you can go whereever you wish. (Yes, even there.)

Wandering Wonderings

Are you aware of one of the shortest complete sentences in the English language? I am.

Do you know of another? I do.

Been down so long, looks like up to me.

Unpleasantville ... isn't. It's quite pleasant in fact.

Dreams in the Witch House - A Lovecraftian Rock Opera. is definitely worth a listen -- or seven.

Lyrics To Give You Pause

" Somewhere in America, a phone's about to ring. Nothing can prepare you for the news it's going to bring". - The Alternate Routes

No money could save him
So he laid down and he died

Ooooh, what a lucky man he was

        Lucky Man; Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Wondering where to find brief news headlines with article snippets after the Great Google News Catastrophe of 2017?

this is a work-in-progress and new links will be added as discovered and tried. Try these for starters:




Bing News

igHome Configurable by adding RSS Feed Widgets, but is a bit slow to load.(Still evaluating this one.)

ProtoPage Interesting in that you add or delete widgets (RSS Feeds) at will from a large selection and have some customization options for each.

OneNews Page

WorldNews Classic Mostly international. Link to US version at bottom of page comes up with security certificate error.

Courthouse News

Some of the above will sniff your location or at least guess at if from your IP address while others use a default location. Most use a Register and LogIn method to allow further customization.

ARS Technica Specializing in Tech and Science news.

A real no where place where nobody knows your name.

A few simple (and FREE) alternatives to the PhotoBucket Gauge of Death:

A Simple Board for nowhere people.

Be a turtle. Stay low. Move slow. Keep your head tucked in.

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